Cosmic Comedy at Edinburgh Festival 2018

We are very pleased to announce our shows at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival this year as part of the laughing horse free fringe, last year we did a 2 week run and had a wonderful time so we have decided this year to do the whole 4 week run of shows, so please come and check us out and show your support. 

You can check out all our Edinburgh Festival shows on our website, or on our Cosmic Comedy Edinburgh Facebook page

Dharmander Singh ís doing his solo show “Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit” will run every evening at 5.30pm at the City Cafe downstairs (2nd Aug 2018 – 26th Aug 2018), this show is amazing and well worth checking out if you are in Edinburgh this year, last year the show received rave reviews and Dharmander has spent a year working hard on tweeking and perfecting it for this year, so we are really excited to hear what you think. 

Our Cosmic Comedy showcase show will run every night at 9.30pm at Espionage basement (2nd Aug 2018 – 26th Aug 2018), we are thrilled with the venue location and time slot this year, each show will feature a host of Cosmic Comedy regulars alongside massive international guests, each show will be different lineup of comedy, hosted by Dharmander Singh. 

If you are interested in performing at the Edinburgh Festival showcase this year, please get in touch by emailing for more information. 

As far as our shows in Berlin during this period, all shows in Berlin will run as normal. 

Please help us out by spreading the word to people who will be in Edinburgh this August.

Have a great week, see you in the audience soon. 

loads of love


Neil Numb & Dharmander Singh


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