Performing at Cosmic Comedy

Please read these instructions below about performing at Cosmic Comedy Berlin & Cosmic Comedy Edinburgh Festival,

we really look forward to seeing you on our stage. 

Neil Numb  & Dharmander Singh


★★★★★ OPEN MIC´S ★★★★★

To perform at Cosmic Comedy Open Mics (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday nights) you just write the word “SPOT” on the Facebook event page that you want to perform at, please do this at least 14 days before the event, or longer if possible, as things are getting crazy with sign-ups.

We want to encourage new comedians so it is our policy to give new acts priority on the open mic nights.

If you have never performed with us, please also send us a message to the Cosmic Comedy Facebook page with your experience level.

Open mic performers get 1 guest list place plus 2 free drinks and a copy of the video footage from your performance for you to use as you wish.

Headline spot at the open mic´s are paid spots.

Event page link :


★★★★★ SHOWCASES ★★★★★

For showcase shows (Fridays & Saturdays) please send us a message to the Cosmic Comedy Page with any video clips and bio etc, or send us an email to

Occasionally we have Showcase shows on other nights, please also follow the instructions above.

Showcase performers are paid spots and get 1 guest list place plus 3 free drinks and a copy of the video footage from your performance for you to use as you wish.

Our Booker “Dharmander Singh” direct link:



If you are interested in performing at this show and will already be in Edinburgh please send us a message through the facebook page

or email us at :


★★★★★ TECHNICAL ★★★★★

All special technical requirements need to be discussed in advance and sound checked BEFORE the doors open at 8pm, you are responsible for bringing the equipment and should have an XLR (female) connection cable to plug into the main desk from the stage.

Any music requirements should be brought with you on an ipod / pc or similar MP3 playing device, you can plug this in from the stage.

Our Technical “Neil Numb” direct link :


★★★★★ WORKSHOPS ★★★★★

If you fancy learning stand-up comedy, we run regular classes & workshops, please contact and ask about Cosmic Comedy Stand-up workshops :


★★★★★ WORKING WITH US ★★★★★

If you have an idea for a show that you would like to do at our venue please send us a proposal to


Any questions please get in touch,


Neil Numb  & Dharmander Singh